39 Years of Cleaning

In 1980, Annette Steiner, a local resident in La Selva Beach, started Annie’s Cleaning at the age of 27. She placed an ad in the Good Times, a young weekly newspaper established just five years prior. Annette added carpet cleaning and window washing. As business continued to grow, Annette formed a company called Dynamic Cleaning Services. Unfortunately, the early loss of her husband forced her to contract out carpet cleaning and window washing to other companies in order to focus on house cleaning. But, the house cleaning business continued to grow, mostly through referrals. Many of the customers who started with Annette nearly 20 years ago are still Dynamic customers today!

In 1984, Jacqueline Wright, a local Santa Cruz resident and founder of Wright Services, picked up house cleaning contracts for Borland in Scotts Valley.  That started a huge undertaking.  Pretty soon, Jackie and her team also started working for the Real Estate Companies that were providing temporary housing.  The business grew leaps and bounds. They started doing the cleaning for all of the Real Estate Companies involved in vacation rentals.  Sometimes they would clean 35 vacation rentals in one day.  Over the years, however, Jackie slowly re-positioned the company to focus more on residential cleaning, move-outs, and move-ins.

In 2017, Dynamic Cleaning Services merged with Wright Services. The combined business was relocated to 5736 Soquel Dr in Soquel and subsequently rebranded as Dynamic House Cleaning to communicate its commitment to serving residential customers. The company also purchased more vehicles to accommodate its growing team and increased demand from existing and new customers. Additionally, Dynamic’s leadership has renewed its focus on providing a great place to work, offering 401(k) and company matching to all employees.

Today, Dynamic customers rely on its trained and experienced teams to take care of their homes and properties. The company remains a local business with deep roots in Santa Cruz County. We donate to organizations that support women and promote diversity.

Annette and Jackie still check in once in a while to make sure that "their" customers are taken care of!

Let the pros clean your home!

Every one of our cleaners today is just as committed to quality and personal service as the founders were when they started almost 40 years ago.  We believe that our reputation is as good as our last job. Because we do not use contractors, it's critically important to us that when we send our people to a client's home we are always sending our best.