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Deep Cleaning

For heavier buildups and stuck-on grime
The difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning is determined by the extent of buildup and stuck-on food, dirt, or grime.
Whereas, in our standard house cleaning, surfaces are wiped or lightly scrubbed, focusing on removing visible dust, dirt, and marks, our deep cleaning requires more intensive effort to remove buildup or hard-to-remove dirt.
Examples of buildup include lime scale, hard water stains, and calcium buildup. These are things you are likely to notice in sink faucets, toilet bowls, around the drains, and showerheads.
As long as the surface is not already damaged or discolored by extensive buildup or stuck-on grime, our deep cleaning service will address it.

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What’s Included in Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes a more intensive cleaning effort, such as dealing with limescale on your bathroom fixtures or stuck-on food or grime in your kitchen.

If your home has not been kept up, or if the above sounds like your situation, you should request Deep Cleaning as an Add-On when you book a house cleaning service with us.

Keep in mind, however, that cleaning is not restoration. Deep cleaning does not remove discoloration or repair damages.
For example, limescale can etch into the surface of materials like glass, porcelain, and metal over time, leading to permanent discoloration or corrosion. Situations like this requires repairs or restorations.
You can easily prevent costly repairs, like rusted or corroded shower fixtures (see picture below) with regular cleaning or wiping them down yourself.
Similarly, for buildup or stuck-on grime on electronics or plumbing accessories, seek licensed or certified professionals. For our cleaning crews’ safety and to minimize potential for damage, the scope of our service does not include surfaces, items, or fixtures that require specialized knowledge or equipment.
Because Deep Cleaning is an add-on, your cleaning service is still going to get the thorough and standard cleaning every service includes. Our cleaning crew uses our Quality Checklist to ensure every service meets our quality guidelines.

Specialized Deep Cleaning for Every Room

After 44 years of cleaning, we have learned and standardized deep cleaning methods for all types of room and surface.
The right way to deep clean your kitchen is not the same as it is for your nursery. Our professional cleaners are trained and equipped with effective tools and non-toxic solutions to get the job done in every part of your home:
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Basement
  • Wine Cellar
  • Nursery
  • Walk-In Closet
  • Utility Room
  • Mudroom

Powerful and Healthy Cleaning

Even for deep cleaning, there is a lot you can accomplish with just water, vinegar, and elbow grease. And, this approach accounts for roughly 8 out of 10 homes we deep clean.
For tougher jobs, we use commercial products that meet our strict safety standard. Each prouct must be gentle enough for babies and pets. It is also vetted through its Safety Data Sheet (“SDS”) before being added to our lineup.

Our employees have anytime access to our up-to-date safety data sheets in the office:

For example, we use Diversey Stride Citrust, a very effective solution for fighting grime, grease, and buildups. Yet, it is certified by NSF and Green Seal as being made with chemicals safer for human health and the environment.
For our employees’ and clients’ health, safety, and peace of mind, we maintain a Hazard Communication (“HazCom”) Program. It follows the CalOSHA guidelines for completeness. For a copy of our HazCom program, please ask.

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You get 44 years of experience and legacy of happy clients
Our business is licensed, bonded, insured and CalOSHA-compliant
We are easy to work with, quick to respond, and understanding

Sit Back, Relax, and Let Us Handle It

Can’t stand the sight of rings in your toilet bowl? Does the buildup on your sink faucet seem to be getting worse? Or, have your blinds begun to feel grimy?
Whatever your cleaning needs, we are happy to accommodate and help you cross some major cleaning chores off your to-do list.
Try a one-time house cleaning service with a Deep Clean add-on. Refresh your home, set a new baseline, and make upkeep easier for yourself.
If you just want a particular room, like your kitchen and/or bathrooms cleaned, no problem! There is not a request we have not heard or handled over the last 44 years of being in business.

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