Standard Cleaning Services

Depending on your specific needs and requirements for your home, vacation home, or vacation rental, we can always customize the list for you. If you are a new client, we recommend an in-person walk-through before your first clean to go over the list and your areas of focus.

Also, please see our FAQ about pricing and policies.

Standard Bathroom Cleaning
Mirrors and vanity
Shelves (exterior)
Shower / bathtub
Shower caddy / soap dish
Shower doors
Trash cans (exterior)
Tile Walls
Window sills


Standard Kitchen Cleaning
Appliances (exterior)
Cabinets (exterior)
Load and run dishwasher (1 load) or empty dishwasher
Microwave (inside and out)
Range top
Refrigerator (exterior, including top)
Table and chairs
Wall behind stovetop

Standard Room Cleaning
Baseboards (dust)
Blinds (dust)
Cabinets (exterior)
Ceiling fans (if within reach)
Door frames
Floors (vacuum, dry mop, wet mop)
Light fixtures
Picture frames
Shelves (exterior)
Tables and chairs
TV and other monitors (not screens)
Wastebaskets (empty and clean)


Add Ons (requiring more time)
Baseboards (scrub)
Behind wall units
Blinds (wash)*
Cabinets (interior)
Deck, Porch, or Lawn*
Hand wash dishes
Oven (inside)
Refrigerator (inside)
Shelves (interior)
Stain removal
Trash cans (inside and out)
Wall washing
Window cleaning (inside)

* See Common Requests for more information

Services Not Included

  • Make any effort to keep pets inside the house or outside of the house*

  • Look after, care for, or handle children or elderlies*

  • Handle dead animals, feces, toxic chemicals, or blood

  • Getting groceries, driving clients around, or prepare food

  • Plumbing, electrical, locksmith, or other repair or maintenance services

  • Anything that is not within reach (our cleaners cannot go over two steps on the step ladder)

  • Launder or fold personal laundry such as shirts, pants, underwear, etc.

  • Shampooing carpet (we can refer you to our exclusive carpet cleaning company if you'd like)

  • Exterior window washing (we can refer you to our exclusive window cleaning company if you'd like)

*We understand that most of the time it only requires keeping the doors shut when cleaners enter or exit the house, and we will do our best to keep the doors shut. But, we will not be responsible for any missing pets, whether or not it was a result of the cleaners opening or closing the door. The same policy applies to children and elderlies.

Common Requests

We can make them, with hospital corners! We can either include the beds in the total cost of cleaning your home, or keep them separate if you only need them done as-needed or on occasions. Fresh bedding must be left out and placed on the beds.

The best practice for cleaning and maintaining blinds is to dust often every two weeks. 

Deck, Porch, or Lawn
If you need the outside deck, porch, or lawn swept, cobwebbed, or watered, we can help! Depending on the size of the space, we can increase the crew's time in increments of 10 minutes. We do not, however, provide landscaping services.

For vacation home or vacation rental customers, we can take linens to a designated laundromat or back to our office where we have a laundry facility. We request that you set up an account with the laundromat so they can bill you directly, and we'd just drop off and pick up. If we launder your linens we'd bring them back each time. For residential customers, we only launder linens not personal laundry.

Something else?
If there is anything else you need but don't see it above or in our list of services, please ask us!


  • Areas of focus must have standard accessibility. Our cleaning crews are not movers and would not be able to move heavy furniture

  • For all Move In and Move Out cleaning, we require the space to be completely empty so the crews can focus on the cleaning

Ready to give us a try?

Please don't forget to visit our FAQ section for more information. After going through our FAQs, if you think we are a good fit, please give us a call or send us an email! We're going to be so happy to hear from you!

Also, please see our FAQ about pricing and policies.